Ahlan 8rbtna

About Project

Ahlan 8rbtna company (Sales agents), is one of the departments of 8rbtna network in Turkey. It was established in 2017 to be the exclusive Arab agent for the Turkish telecommunications company, Turk Telekom, throughout the Turkish territory
The company started working on the Ahlan service provider project for Arab communities in Turkey by building a sales and marketing team that has spread to most Turkish states with a Syrian presence in particular and the Arab in general. Ahlan 8rbtna is the first sales agent for an Arab company to sign a contract with Turk Telecom providing Ahlan phone lines to Arab customers in Turkey. With complete Arabic content, starting from the subscription contract and ending with customer service, messages, guideline, etc.
Ahlan 8rbtna company, has achieved a great success also by attracting foreign investments and signing a new contract with Turk Telecom to provide Ahlan home Internet services to Arab customers in Turkey.


Official Recognition
When you start working with the group, Ahlan 8rbtna will provide you with an official certification from Turk Telecom. You will also be approved as a seller affiliated with our company to get the opportunity to be honored annually by 8rbtna and Türk Telecom.

Electronic Activation System
Ahlan 8rbtna offers sales agents an electronic platform with Arabic language interfaces that provides all Turk Telecom services and an integrated statistics and accounting system to facilitate the monthly accounts process of the seller. The system also provides emails and alerts with the latest developments and news regarding all services.

Technical Support
One of the most important factors for the company's success is the continuous technical support service it provides, as a specialized team is available to serve and follow up issues with agents, and the necessary logistical support is provided, including publications and light panels, continuously and upon request.

How to Use

Submit Agent Request

To start using the platform's services and register as an official agent, you can fill out the form on the website where we will check the request and communicate with you.

Download the App

After approval of your request, you must download the application and log into the web platform to enter the agent code and start working with Ahlan 8rbtna as an authorized sales agent

Start Increasing Your Profits

You will begin earning money when you start using any of the services of Ahlan 8rbtna, across the platform. Also, you can get weekly offers and gifts through the “Explode and Win” feature from the 8rbtna app


Ahlan 8rbtna company provides sales agents with many useful services, including but not limited to:

Ahlan Tariff Phone Lines

The company provides all services related to Ahlan tariff lines

Pay all Types of Bills

Multiple bill payment options such as gas, electricity, water, mobile and internet

Top up the Balance

Within the service platform there is an automatic transfer section for packages, balance and Liras

Internet Lines Installation

Providing offers and services for fixed and mobile internet connection