About Project

Baladna Company is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and marketing of premium halal Arab foodstuffs with a large assortment of hundreds of varieties. In addition to the range of Baladna products, there is also a section of healthy vegan products.
In Namaa Solutions, we have developed the Baladna Halal store, which is the first and largest Arab food trade platform in Europe. The platform is expanding and growing to cover new areas day by day and is working to expand its services to include new countries as a future plan.
Through a wide range of products, the store continues to meet the different needs of its visitors, and the list extends to include innovative ideas, new brands and cooperation with sophisticated transportation and storage companies.
Baladna Halal offers an excellent experience and gives the purchase process ease and distinction for visitors to enjoy while shopping. Emphasis is also placed on investing to develop and grow e-commerce by providing flexibility, confidence and comfort to visitors and business partners.


The store provides its users with a number of typical services, and some of its features are:

Capacity to display hundreds of products in addition to all pictures and details
Commodity, warehouses, and accounts management panels and interfaces
The store is linked with a large number of payment gateways in addition to multiple payment options
Connectivity and synchronization of data with shipping companies and delivery of orders
Dashboard for user, store owner, and support teams
Support for several languages with the ability to easily add new languages

How to Use

Users can easily register on the site and start shopping directly.

After logging in, visitors can browse the products and add the items they want to buy to the shopping cart, and then completing the purchase process by moving to the payment stage and choosing the address.

Payment options vary to include several methods such as paying at the door, paying with bank cards, or paying with discount coupons.


To start shopping and browsing all Baladna products, you can now visit the store's website and get more information about the services and guideline.