About Project

Trolley is one of the most important and largest e-commerce platforms and multilingual shopping outlets in Turkey, the platform provides its services in the Turkish market in Arabic, English, and Turkish languages.
Through its wide range of products, the store continues to cater to the various needs of its visitors, and the list extends to include innovative ideas, new brands and partnerships with experienced and quality suppliers and vendors.
Trolley store offers a completely different experience and gives you a premium buying process for you to enjoy while you shop. Emphasis is also placed on investing to develop and grow e-commerce by providing flexibility, confidence and comfort to visitors and business partners.


The store provides its users with a number of typical services, and its features are:

Capacity to add millions of products in addition to all pictures and details
Thousands of stores and users with stores and accounts management panels
24/7 customer support and active help center interfaces
Multiple payment gateways and payment options suitable for all users
Linking with shipping companies and delivering orders for free
Dashboard for user, merchant or gallery owner, and support teams
Modern mobile applications supporting all types of devices and operating systems

How to Use

Users can visit the store and create an account to take advantage of all available services.

You can activate alerts to receive the latest news and offers on the store, or recently added special products.

You can also browse the store using a computer, tablet or by downloading the mobile application

After browsing the products, the items you want to buy can be added to the shopping cart, after which you can complete the purchase process, move to the payment stage, and choose the address.

Payment options vary to include several methods such as paying at the door, paying with bank cards, or paying with discount coupons.


To download the Trolley app, you can now visit the app's website and get more information about services and usage.