Hungry app

About Project

Hungry is a food ordering application which contains unlimited options from various eastern and western kitchens meeting all tastes and desires of customers.
The application enables its users to browse restaurants and see all listed kitchens and meals, offering them the opportunity to choose the option they prefer and order it to be delivered to the desired address as soon as possible.
Hungry works to provide link services between Arab and Turkish restaurants with customers and allows them to follow up on orders in real time. It also provides a competitive service to the Arab customers market in Turkey.
The application is available in several interfaces for customers, service providers (restaurants), and delivery agents, and it has many features that make it a strong competitor for similar applications that provide the same services in the market.


The application provides its users with a number of typical services, and some of its features are:

Simple, easy and interactive user interfaces, as well as guideline tools
A real-time tracking system through maps and follow-up of requests status
Continuous technical support around the clock using the developed platform of the service team
The ability to link with different electronic payment gateways and multiple payment methods
Rate service and restaurants with the ability to share on social media

How to Use

The application can be used by downloading it to mobile devices and creating a new account, to which contact, and address information must be added.

After that, all restaurants that provide their services in the domain of the user's address will be displayed and listed.

As for restaurant owners, the application contains a platform to receive and manage orders, in addition to interfaces through which they can add the meals they provide in addition to all the details related to it (pictures, prices, ingredients, etc...)

The application also contains a support platform that provides the ability of accessing to all data of requests, customers, and suppliers to provide the necessary assistance to users in case of contacting the service center through the application or by phone.


To download Hungry app, you can now visit the app's website and get more information about the services and usage guideline.