Namaa E-Learning

About Project

Nama E-Learning is a platform for managing schools and educational institutions which contains unlimited options of tools that help organizing the educational process to meet the needs of teachers, learners, and parents.
The platform enables its users to manage schools, classes, materials, lessons, exams, reports, and all education related data. Its services are provided to a wide range of users of all levels alike.
Namaa E-Learning is not only a student management system (SMS) or Learning management system (LMS), but a platform to manage the entire educational system, as it helps in providing all the necessary tools needed in pre-university school's level.
The platform is available in several interfaces for teachers, students, and parents, and is characterized by many features that make it an integrated platform in addition to its applications that support all mobile devices.


The platform provides its users with a number of typical services, and some of its features are:

Simple, easy and interactive user interfaces with guideline tools
Class management system, training materials, student information, attendance and absence, lessons, exams, certificates and more unlimited services.
Special interfaces for different users, teachers, students, and parents
Continuous technical support around the clock using the developed platform of the service team
The ability of using the services through the platform or through the mobile application for students and parents.
Detailed reports for all levels and the possibility of using the certification system to prepare and export certificates.

How to Use

The platform can be used by downloading the application on mobile devices for students and parents, and it can also be used through the browser on computer devices for all users.

When registering to Nama e-learning platform, users will be provided with a detailed user guide to explain all features of the platform, as the guide is divided into chapters and tabs to easily access and navigate to all information.

The platform also provides an interactive 5-minute user guide that fully explains the mechanisms of the platform and its tools.

The chat feature within the platform allows communication between students and teachers, in addition to the possibility for parents to communicate with the administrative staff in the school.


To check the platform's services, you can now visit the website and get more information about the tools and how to use guides.