Running your own start-up project requires accurate planning, research, and analysis. At Namaa Solutions, we will guide you through all the phases of your project. No matter what size is your enterprise or business, you will get support by engaging us in any or all of the working stages.

Initiation and Conception - Planning and Budgeting - Implementation and Execution - Monitoring and Quality Control - Analyzing & Design Services - Sales and Marketing

The good news is that we companion our teams closely with you through all the stages of your project to make sure that all services are delivered on time and according to your needs and requirements.


We know that one of the hardest segments of starting a new business is to manage all of the related tasks and responsibilities and we know that you have a lot of things to worry about when starting that business. Let us worry about your Start-Up project. Our team members will help with all your inquiries ranging from general concepts to complete design and implementation of complex systems or applications.

We aim to build long-lasting partnerships with our customers where we work together to understand their demands and ambitions, and then we work to accelerate their journey with us by designing the right solution for them, a Start-Up project that is specifically tailored to accomplish their goals.

By starting your project with us you will benefit from:

  • Devoted account specialists and support team members
  • Persistent reporting and analysis through all project lifecycle
  • Customer-specific sales and marketing plans resources

Regular meetings and workshops upon request or need