About Project

Qibla Channel is a Kuwaiti, Gulf and Arab media platform with a religious, social and cultural character that provides its followers with a variety of programs and live broadcasts. It also gives them access to an unlimited number of channels and media content that interests all family members.
In Namaa Solutions, we have developed the Qibla channel application, which is one of the first and largest media platforms that seek to provide meaningful content in a modern and stylish way. The platform is expanding and growing to cover new programs day by day and is working to expand its services to include new entertaining content.
Through a long list of live channels, and a huge database of recorded content, the channel provides broadcast services to subscribers and visitors.
Qibla channel is one of our unique experiences, as it gives its visitors and subscribers an ease of use so they can enjoy while watching or browsing. Emphasis is placed on investment to continuously develop and update content to meet the requirements of viewers and the general public.


The application provides its users with a number of typical services, some of its features are:

Capacity to display hundreds of channels as well as thousands of media files and contents
Content management panels, channels, and accounts
The store is linked to a number of payment gateways to complete the sign-up process
Elegant and sophisticated interfaces to compete with the latest software available in the market
Dashboard for users, content, and support teams
Support for multiple languages with the ability to add new languages easily

How to Use

The channel application can be used by downloading it on mobile devices and creating a new account to which user information and payment method will be added. You can also benefit from the application as a visitor for a trial period.

After completing the subscription and payment, all channels or content available on the channel are displayed for the subscriber to determine his request and choose the content he wants to watch based on advanced search mechanisms and technologies to view appropriate suggestions for each viewer according to watching history, lists, and interests.

The application also contains a support platform that provides access to all data of the contents, subscribers, and channels, in order to provide the necessary assistance to users in case of contacting the service center through the application or by phone.


To download Qibla channel application, you can now visit the application website and get more information about the services and user guideline.