Sobol Altamalluk

About Project

Sobol Altamalluk is a modern platform for a real estate development company that provides a wide range of services and consultations for visitors and users.
Four sub-platforms emanate from the main platform with various specializations covering many areas, as follows:
Imtilak platform: The platform allows its users to own their own property through simple and easy steps
Freelance platform: The platform is considered as a workspace to search between a list of experienced engineers and to choose the most suitable candidate for the implementation of projects
Tracker platform: to assign the task of commenting transactions to an experienced person with following up the project step by step during its implementation, submitting and discussing amendment requests
Material sales platform: a convenient and reliable way to purchase construction requirements and all necessary building materials available in the market with the best specifications in addition to multiple payment services
The platforms are available with modern and innovative interfaces and cover the needs of customers and service providers. All platforms also have many characteristics that make them a unique model and a modern precedent in the markets.


The platform provides its users with a number of typical services, and some of its features are:

Simple, easy and interactive user interfaces, as well as guideline tools
High reliability, effort and time savings through distinguished service providers
Distinctive solutions designed specifically to meet the goal behind a unique idea
Ability to connect with multiple payment gateways, shipping companies, service platforms, etc.
The comprehensive platform includes four sub-platforms that meet the services of searching for real estate, construction, follow-up of transactions, projects and all related stages ... One place that brings together a huge world of services makes it a one-of-kind and distinct solution.

How to Use

The platform can be used by creating a new main account to be used on all sub-platforms, it can be accessed via the internet browser on a computer or mobile device.

After logging in, you can take advantage of all available features by choosing the service you want to use.

As for business management, the system contains a platform for receiving and managing requests, in addition to interfaces through which to communicate with clients or with the platform management for coordination and communication.

The system also contains a support platform that provides access to all the data of requests and customers to provide the necessary assistance to users in case of contacting the service center through the application or by phone.


To start your project and browse all the available services on Sobol Altamalluk platform, you can now visit the website and get more information about all features and how to use it.