About Project

Verify-Sy is a media platform specialized in checking news and images and verifying information, Verify-Sy seeks to achieve two lofty goals: ensuring the citizen's right to obtain accurate and correct information and contributing as much as possible to improving the performance of the Syrian media and upgrading it by displaying the imbalances that affect it.
The platform monitors what is published through social media and news channels and monitors the content that is published through it to verify its validity, and if any wrong press material is found, it corrects it with compelling evidence, by communicating with the sources related to the material, or by conducting an image search Or the visual content attached to it, or through an investigative search for correction in order to publish it and present it to the reader abstractly without any misrepresentation or fraud.
At Namaa Solutions we have developed the website and content management platform, including publishing services, updating, searching and filtering, support and assistance request services. As the work resulted in a technical partnership with Verify-Sy platform, to make Namaa Solutions the official implementer of all tech-services related to the platform.


The platform provides its visitors with a number of typical services, and some of its advantages are:

Simple, easy and interactive user interfaces, as well as guideline tools
High reliability, effort and time savings through advanced search mechanisms
Ability to connect with an unlimited number of languages, support channels, etc.
Safe and smooth browsing of all site sections and sub-pages

How to Use

The platform and all services can be used and benefited from simply without the need to create an account or log in, as the ability to view is available through a browser on a computer or mobile device.

The system also contains a support platform that provides access to all the data published on the website in order to provide the necessary assistance to readers in case of contacting the service center through the channels on the website.


You can view all the different and varied subsections of the website. Verify-Sy created innovative solutions grouped in one place to guarantee the presentation of correct and reliable information.