About Project

Mass upload tool for uploading data and quickly upload products from XML files or links developed by Namaa Solutions is one of the most important tools that have been implemented in recent times.
With a large number of unique features and characteristics that are useful in facilitating the work of digital stores or any systems that may use the feature of uploading big data, updating it, or making other adjustments to it.
You can use the fast upload system for products and take advantage of the continuously updated reporting and statistics techniques to ensure you the best follow-up of your uploads wherever you wish to use them.


The tool provides its users with a number of typical services, some of its advantages are:

Supporting over 90% of XML file types
The ability to define interconnected properties during uploading and updating
The ability to add fields related to the uploaded items (discount, shipping companies, shipping value, brand, currencies, etc.)
Instantly save matching settings for files
Updated reports on stores and their products
Updated reports on file status and scheduled files
Infinite identification of files and links for each store separately
Determine the method of upload (fast - comprehensive)
Schedule uploads at specific times

How to Use

Mass upload tool for quick add of products from files or links allows multiple e-commerce sites to deal with their products easily and accurately and enables them to update these products periodically, thus adding millions of products in a few days.

The tool is available with multiple user interfaces and supports a number of languages, and it can also be used on an unlimited number of systems and platforms. The tool be can linked to all platforms, afterwards, necessary support is provided on how to use it and the best ways to take advantage of all its features and characteristics.


To learn more about the tool or browse all the services associated with it, you can now visit the website and get more information about the services and usage guideline.