About Project

Zad Company for Travel, Tourism, Hajj, Umrah, Industry and Trade Ltd. is considered to be one of the well-known Turkish companies. Its main headquarters is in Istanbul, and it has branches all over Turkey, the company is registered and approved by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.
We have developed the company's website and business management platform, including flight search services, airline tickets, tourism services, and hotel reservations.
With many categories and filtering mechanisms, the platform provides search services, request support and assistance, and a control panel is also available to provide service to customers and site visitors.
The site is available with modern and innovative interfaces that give a distinct impression to customers and visitors, and all pages and search applications are characterized by speed and flexibility that make them a unique model and a modern precedent in the tourism markets and related services in Turkey.


The platform provides its users with a number of typical services, and some of its features are:

Simple, easy and interactive user interfaces, as well as guideline tools
High reliability, effort and time savings through advanced search mechanisms
Distinguished solutions specially designed to meet the services of the tourism sector in Turkey
Ability to connect with an unlimited number of languages, currencies, support channels, etc.
The platform includes many services that meet the requirements of those looking for hotel reservations, tourism offers, airline tickets, and other services related to the tourism and travel sector .. One place that brings together a huge world of features makes it an integrated and distinct solution in the tourism market.

How to Use

The platform can be accessed and used simply without the need to create an account or log in, it can be reached through the interned browser on a computer or mobile device.

Interested in a service or an offer? you can fill out the form and request to get communicated with to take advantage of all available features by choosing the service you want to benefit from.

As for data management, the system contains a platform for receiving and managing requests, in addition to interfaces through which to communicate with clients or with the platform management for coordination and communication.

The system also contains a support platform that provides access to all the data of requests and customers in order to provide the necessary assistance to users in case of contacting the service center through the application or by phone.


To search for an airline ticket, hotel reservation, or browse all the services of Zad Tourism Company, you can now visit the website and get more information about the services and usage guideline.